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Wading into the talent pool usually means you are immediately in the deep end. With Humantelligence’s recruitment platform, however, it becomes much easier to keep your head above water. Our powerful recruitment system enables you to sift through qualified candidates more efficiently and effectively. When you utilize our applicant tracking system for recruiters, you can cut through all the noise and focus only on those who will be the best fit. Through the use of advanced recruitment analytics, you can be confident that the people you find will be a great match for your culture and the position. Read on to learn more about how our candidate tracking system can benefit your company.

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Streamline your interview process by 80%

Eliminate unnecessary phone screens and video interviews and get straight to the final candidates.

  • Cut down on the screening process
  • Significantly reduce subjectivity in hiring
  • Gain efficiencies to handle more clients and more searches

Deliver qualified candidates that will be engaged and remain in their role

Select candidates for better fit with your client’s culture and for the role you are filling (EQ), along with the resume/skills/experience (IQ).

  • Measure your client's team culture to use as a benchmark for candidates
  • Assess candidates' culture profile and rank based on greatest match to the role
  • Guide your clients to select candidates who are the best culture fit and deliver stronger candidates with long-term success

Place candidates faster

Double your volume of searches and deliver better results, better matches, better retention and long-term success.

  • Delight your clients with faster turn-around on searches
  • Provide clients with additional support by helping with additional searches
  • Become a trusted advisor to your clients, not just a transactional fill-the-role recruiter

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