Smarter Collaboration for Improved Human Connection, Team Performance & Meeting Effectiveness

When people understand each other, they work better together. And when you surface personalized collaboration insights in your team’s daily communication tools, your team will become more engaged & productive.

That’s Smarter Collaboration.

We make the collaboration tools you use, even better!

310,000+ Users Across 30,000 Teams Can’t be Wrong

Increase in email
communication efficiency

Increase in meeting

Improvement in team’s
overall productivity

Today’s Workforce Challenge

Loss of human connection due to hybrid & distributed workforces leads to:
  • Ineffective Collaboration
  • Low Engagement
  • High Turnover
  • Less Productivity

72% of teams struggle with communication


Amount lost per employee each year due to poor internal communication, totaling $1.2 trillion for companies

7.47 hours/week

One workday a week is lost due to poor communication

Source: State of Business Communication Report by Grammarly & The Harris Poll

Here’s How Our Solution Works

Distributed teams and diverse personalities make human connection, communication and collaboration hard, often resulting in transactional interactions and inefficient meetings. Humantelligence fixes that. We deliver personalized communication insights in the team collaboration tools your employees use every day: Microsoft Teams®, Outlook®, Gmail®, Webex®, Zoom®, Slack® and calendars.

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  • When drafting an email, chatting with a colleague, or joining a meeting, our add-on tool automatically surfaces useful, personalized tips for more effective collaboration.
  • Based on the quickest, most comprehensive scientifically proven personality assessment available
  • In under an hour, enable use for your entire organization or portions through a few simple admin tasks.
  • Integrates with leading HRIS & ATS. Learn more about security and integrations here.

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See Real Results with Smarter Collaboration

Improved Productivity

27% the increase in meeting productivity after 1 month of use

22% the increase in overall team productivity

Reduce friction and help team members work together more effectively in meetings – especially important for collaboration among distributed teams.

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Increased Employee Engagement

9% the improvement in employee engagement

Improve engagement by enabling connection and better team collaboration for distributed workers. Employees who feel connected to their colleagues are more likely to be engaged in their work and feel like they belong.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

67% of jobs are now remote or hybrid and employees say it’s about inclusion & belonging – not a culture tied to a physical location

When used daily, Humantelligence changes team members’ behaviors, reshaping conversations to be more inclusive, foster belonging, and drive meaningful connection with others.

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Effective Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

30%the improvement in collaboration when you have meaningful connection

People waste 17 hours a week on email miscommunication. When you gain a deeper understanding of colleagues, you can create meaningful connection, build trust, and communicate more effectively through email, chat & meetings.

Simple. Scalable. Secure.

Unlike any other personality assessment, Humantelligence delivers a team collaboration solution that’s easy to understand and improves the quality of relationships at work.

Scalable across 100% of employees in just 24 hours.

GDPR, CCPA Compliant

Compliant with industry leading Information Security guidelines

Intuitive language and interface makes it simple to use for all employees

Quickly and easily enable for teams or your entire organization

Affordable from $1 to $5 pp/month based on organizational size

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