Humantelligence Mission & Culture

The world’s first collaboration solution actually focused on people.

Humantelligence® is a people-centric, remote-first company that values the diversity of thought each person brings to the team. We know that the strength of our culture and the effectiveness of our team comes from the unique blend of behaviors, motivators and values, work energizers, and life priorities of each team member.

Our mission is to drive team effectiveness through better 1-to-1 and team collaboration.

Humantelligence helps people connect, communicate, and collaborate more effectively. Our team collaboration solution provides personalized insights in the communication tools organizations use every day: Microsoft Teams®, Outlook®, Gmail®, Zoom®, Webex®, Slack®, calendars, and more. We empower employees with the kind of insights and tools that enable more effective collaboration and continuous self-development. When people better understand their success factors and are more deeply engaged in their work, they perform better. At the same time, organizations increase retention, build better inclusion, improve productivity, and strengthen company culture.

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