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ATPCO provides world-leading airline software for pricing and shopping data to airlines, travel agencies and tech companies. They were looking for a better way to vet candidates and develop high performing teams. ATPCO carefully evaluated several top assessment companies and culture platforms on the market and selected Humantelligence to continue building on their success.
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Crestline Investors

Crestline Investors is a Texas-based financial services company specializing in credit and opportunistic investments- including financing and restructuring solutions for mature private equity funds. Their leadership was looking to understand their true underlying culture and to recruit for culture fit. We are proud to welcome them as clients and look forward to their results.
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Richwood Bank

Richwood Bank is a regional bank that has been serving the Ohio area for over 150 years. While this company already appreciates the importance of culture analytics, they were looking to hire new candidates into an already thriving culture. Humantelligence allows them to hire candidates with data points that match their hire-performers and ensure team cohesiveness.
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Constructconnect helps commercial construction firms simplify and streamline preconstruction with the largest network, most accurate project information, and all-in-one platform with anytime access. They were looking for a recruitment solution to improve cultural alignment overall and the ability to coach and develop employees post-hire. Constructconnect is the perfect example of a team that is using our platform to its full extent by focusing on the entire employee lifecycle.
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Colony Display

Colony Display offers custom retail displays and store fixtures with over 30 years of experience. This manufacturing company was interested in the potential cost savings and ROI that can be achieved with Humantelligence and will be using the full platform to hire candidates for each of its four offices’ and their distinct cultures.
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Autocom provides a unique database of raw data from thousands of car and commercial vehicle models. They needed a standardized and culture-based recruiting process to avoid high turnover this year. We are excited to have been selected for this major change in the organization.
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360 Alarmas

360 Alarmas offers customizable security systems for residential and commercial clients. We are happy to provide a solution for minimizing turnover and building a culture-based organization that hires without bias. Now, 360 Alarmas will be able to identify the high-performers in their business and replicate them.
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SBM is a soft service provider focused on developing empowered associates, standardized processes, management systems, and reporting tools. This California-based company chose Humantelligence specifically, to provide guidance for their leadership team. We will partner with their business to find their hidden potential, and strengthen their actionable insights through data.
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Nitto Inc

Nitto Inc. is a Japanese manufacturing company that produces tapes, vinyl, insulation, tires, and more. They chose Humantelligence to help them better hire for culture fit. Especially in the manufacturing industry where turnover is an ongoing issue, Humantelligence is ready to provide specific insights that will help Nitto Inc. source and maintain top candidates.
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Heinemann Americas Inc.

Is a key player in the global travel retail industry. They are using culture analytics and recruitment data to better understand their current and target culture. With the help of the Humantelligence platform, Heinemann will be able to build an Ideal Profile from their top-performers and continue recruiting candidates that will excel.
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A Liberty Wireless company, Singapore based Circles.Life is Asia’s first fully digital telco/FinTech company. They are using Humantelligence to understand the culture of their company, the subcultures of their teams and recruit for best fit within those subcultures. This is the first client to use Humantelligence’s Chinese translation predominantly.

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