Customer Stories

Bank of West

Bank of the West applies culture analytics and data aggregation to accurately measure culture at the divisional and company levels to identify value-add hires and internal leaders, enhance communication and collaboration, and improve productivity across the organization.

Financial Services


Honda motivates and increases employee engagement by delivering actionable, targeted content designed to help employees grow, communicate more effectively, and increase the productivity of teams.

Automotive / Transportation


Banesco uses culture analytics strategically to reshape internal team makeup and align it with its digitally transformed client experience, while integrating emotional intelligence data into communication tools for more meaningful collaboration.

Financial Services


ACS increased hiring effectiveness using powerful behavioral science and an integrated talent acquisitions tracking process to place higher-quality, better-suited candidates into roles, resulting in more productive teams and significant time savings.


Hunt Refining

Hunt Refining redefines its culture using robust behavioral analytics to establish baseline team cultures, aligning teams’ unique goals and strategies to a target culture, and then achieving desired outcomes through intentional learning and development.

Refining Operations

daVinci Payments

daVinci Payments maximizes organizational effectiveness by centralizing individual & team culture analytics, emotional intelligence data, performance feedback, and engagement survey data to make better personnel and operational decisions.


Stine Seed

Stine Seed leverages target profiles and ‘fit factors’ to predict candidate performance success and assess culture fit – cloning high performers, reducing turnover, and cutting costs of misaligned hires.


Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture streamlines talent acquisition processes by establishing AI-based talent fit benchmarks, eliminating interviewing & hiring subjectivity and biases, and using data strategically to fill team gaps and bolster productivity.

Retail Services

atpco logo


ATPCO harnesses the power of an integrated platform to drive employee engagement, support coaching and collaboration, increase productivity, and build a diverse, performance-based culture through data-informed hiring.

Automotive / Transportation

crestline logo

Crestline Investors

Crestline Investors uses Humantelligence’s culture analytics and talent fit solutions to better understand and identify gaps in their teams, so they can hire for better fit and increase diversity of thought.

Investment Services

richwood bank logo

Richwood Bank

Richwood Bank achieves its desired target culture using individual and team culture analytics to identify gaps and mobility opportunities, hire for better fit, and enable better collaboration through actionable communication insights.

Financial Services

construct connect logo


ConstructConnect leverages HT to measure, manage, and then hire to strengthen culture – engaging and aligning employees around key goals from the moment of onboarding to putting EQ data at their fingertips to support better communication.


colony display logo

Colony Display

Colony Display was looking to reduce turnover costs, increase productivity, and streamline traditional recruiting processes. With Humantelligence, Colony Display can accelerate hiring plans for all four of its locations – and distinct cultures.


autocom logo


Autocom uses Humantelligence to streamline recruiting, reduce subjectivity when hiring, and select candidates for cultural fit — ensuring long-term success with an AI-based talent fit solution.

Automotive / Transportation

360 alarmas logo

360 Alarmas

360 Alarmas uses Humantelligence to build high-performing, more engaged teams, which has minimized frequent turnover – identifying high performance patterns among team members and hiring for that fit.


sbm logo


SMB builds leadership from within using individual and team culture analytics to identify target management profiles, develop professional development curriculum, and drive career advancement for its team members.

Consulting Services

nitto logo

Nitto Inc

Nitto chose Humantelligence to help them hire for culture fit. In the manufacturing industry where turnover is high, Humantelligence can provide targeted insights on culture, teams, and individuals that will help Nitto retain and recruit top candidates.


heineman americas inc logo

Heinemann Americas Inc.

Heinemann Americas uses culture analytics and recruitment data to map their current and target cultures. With the Humantelligence platform, Heinemann builds an Ideal Profile and recruits high-performing candidates based on predictive success fit factors and profile match.

Retail Services

circles life logo


Circles.Life leverages Humantelligence to gain a more holistic view of its organizational culture and team cultures, and then recruits for best fit within those subcultures. Circles.Life uses Humantelligence’s Chinese translation.


Ashley Furniture Increases Retention to Improve Manufacturing & Distribution Performance

​As the the world’s largest furniture manufacturer with more than 22,000 employees, Ashley Furniture leveraged Humantelligence to hire for culture. Using a high-performer profile, Ashley was […]

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ConstructConnect Hires for Culture to Improve Long-Term Employee Retention

​With nearly 900 employees, ConstructConnect connects the North American construction industry with the best information, technology solutions, and market relationships to drive stakeholders’ success through […]

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Heinemann Americas Aligns Culture & Strategy to Build Human Connection Among Distributed Teams

​With business partners in over 10 nations, including 10 cruise vessels, and more than one million retail items available, Heinemann Americas stores are tailored to […]

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Richwood Bank Improves Collaboration & Team Effectiveness through Leadership Development

​Its mission is to provide financial services and banking products that build its customers’ account balances. With 167 employees across 9 branch locations, Richwood Bank […]

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Ambit Group Improves Team Effectiveness During M&A Integration

​Since 2004, The Ambit Group has provided program management, business operations optimization, auditing, asset & spend management, IT modernization, and communications services to the Federal […]

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Honda Tailors Learning & Development to Increase Employee Engagement

​In a highly competitive world with increasing transparency and significant influence by millennials, employee expectations are changing fast. There is much more emphasis on the […]

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Medix Drastically Reduces Time-to-Hire & Doubles Hiring Efficiencies

​Medix is the leading provider of workforce solutions for clients and candidates across the Healthcare, Science and Information Technology industries. Medix handles the staffing of […]

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Improving Driver Performance to Positively Impact Business Outcomes

​Today, there are nearly four million professional truck drivers in the U.S., and one million of them change jobs every year. In fact, for decades, […]

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