We Put the Human in Humantelligence

The world’s first company culture platform focused on people.

Humantelligence is a people-centric, remote-first company that values the diversity of thought each person brings to the team. We know that the strength of our culture and the effectiveness of our team comes from the unique blend of behaviors, motivators and values, work energizers, and life priorities of each team member

That’s why we use our own solution to measure, manage, and hire for culture. It’s the first company culture management solution, also known as Culture-as-a-Service (Cass), to measure your team or overall company culture -- giving you the data needed to:

  • Improve collaboration & team performance
  • Optimize remote & hybrid team effectiveness
  • Hire for culture & diversity of thought
  • Increase employee engagement & retention
  • Build better inclusion

Our Mission

Helping You Unlock the Power of People to Drive Performance.

People are your power source. But when company culture is weak or strained, your team can’t drive sustainable results. That’s where we come in. Humantelligence’s mission is to help organizations build culture through intention, while we democratize self-awareness for individuals. We empower employees with the kind of insights and tools that enable more effective collaboration and continuous self-development. When people better understand their success factors and are more deeply engaged in their work, they perform better. At the same time, organizations increase retention, build better inclusion, improve productivity, and strengthen company culture.

Why our Company Culture Solution is Different

  • No costly, outside consultants.
  • No lengthy, complicated implementations.
  • Just a smart, integrated solution with scaleable adoption for daily and weekly usage of features through existing company communication channels and your HR platforms.

It’s fun for employees to use, and you’ll get the support and actionable insights needed to make real change. Based on cognitive science and easily integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Humantelligence uses AI and culture analytics so you can measure, manage, and hire for culture.

When you work with Humantelligence, you can expect to:

Increase Team Performance

In just 12 minutes, we help you uncover your employees’ behaviors, motivators, and work energizers so you can pinpoint strengths, identify gaps, and align talent management strategies to goals.

Power Remote & Hybrid Teams

Power employees from wherever they work with a better understanding of themselves and others, using actionable communication, learning, and influencing tips that enable collaboration & productivity.

Improve Employee Retention

Use culture analytics to recruit, onboard, and engage based on how employees learn best. Identify mobility opportunities while leveraging performance management tools to help them track growth.

Elevate Organizational Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Scale leadership and employee development opportunities by infusing EQ data in your existing communication tools, so you can drive resonance and make every moment of connection valuable.

Create Better Inclusion

Leverage psychometric data to recruit for diversity of thought and support an inclusive approach to communication by helping employees better understand each other before any interaction.

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