Why Humantelligence?

Old Way
  • Months of IT effort
  • 1,000’s of hours of process design, communications, program management and meetings
  • Hours of online & live training sessions
  • Break-even point of 12 months post implementation
Humantelligence Way
  • 5 hours max of IT effort
  • 1 hour per week for change communications
  • Bite-sized, value-driven, consumption-based training
  • Break-even point of 2 months post implementation

Need More Reasons?

Reason 1

Because you’re tired of the loss in team productivity caused by miscommunication and team friction.

50% of email communication is misunderstood, which leads to 17 hours of wasted time per week, per employee. For example, take knowledge workers at $50/hr. You’re losing $850/wk or more than $3,500/month. HT only costs $2 to $4 per employee per month and has shown to increase overall team productivity by 22%.

Reason 2

It feels like employees are resigning more often, and some of your most valued employees seem checked out.

If you’re noticing more team friction than usual and an inability for the team to meet goals, these are all symptoms of a larger problem that often leads to turnover and can become very costly. In fact, the average turnover cost for 1 knowledge worker is $10,000. Your team lacks meaningful connection and effective collaboration, both of which drive performance and team productivity.

Reason 3

You already have a host of communication & collaboration tools and would like to squeeze maximum value from them.

team productivity

You probably have Gmail or Outlook, Zoom, Teams, Slack, and more! But that doesn’t mean your employees are effective at using these tools to collaborate and foster inclusive discussions? HT surfaces the kind of insights people need to better connect, communicate, and collaborate right from within these tools – NO extra workshops, certifications, dedicated personnel, or new-system implementations. Use what you have.

Reason 4

The return on investment is measurable and far beyond what any other personality assessment delivers.

team productivity ROI

For the price of a cup of coffee a day for each employee, HT re-engages teams and improves collaboration and productivity. For a company of 1,000 employees, the ROI is approx. $210 per employee, per month in terms of efficiency, team productivity and retention. That’s $2.5M per year. Calculate your own ROI here.

No other assessment measures Behaviors, Motivators, and Work Energizers in just 10 minutes, and then delivers scientifically validated insights for working better with others in the very tools teams are already using. Insights are robust, quick, and actionable right away.

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