Employee Engagement Suite and Performance Management System

Drive the continual engagement and performance management of your culture for every employee, team and the entire company.

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Action Management System (AMS) & Performance Management

Allows organizations to align and motivate employees around key specific strategic goals, tasks, and actions – by company, by division, by territory, or by function – delivering fast, measurable business results.

  • Next level LMS (Learning Management System).
  • Provide actionable content that allows employees to on-board more effectively and stay current with new performance management processes.
  • Incentivize each employee individually through gamification.
  • Align engagement surveys and trainings with target culture in the Culture Analytics module
  • Infuse engagement into daily work processes using the Humantelligence Plugin
Assessment Measure

Internal Corporate Social Network for Enhanced Engagement & Communication Between All Employees

Creates a "social media-like" community among employees for better understanding of each other, communicating with each other, and connecting with each other for productivity enablement.

  • Prepare for meetings with people they haven't been in touch before.
  • Properly on-board new employees to the company or a team.
  • Promotes understanding and connecting with people within the company, analyzing their work motivators, behaviors, ideal work and life priorities.
Humantelligence Network

Pulse Survey Feedback

Pulse your employees on important topics and get instant and consistent feedback with important business insights. Break down populations by employees, product, territory, and function.

  • Reach out to your workforce to get instant feedback
  • Make business decisions with more data by vetting ideas with employees
  • Easily deploy a survey in minutes and start getting the feedback you need immediately
  • Launch your annual or quarterly survey for measuring employee engagement with no hassle.
Engagement Surveys

Career & Development Feedback

Knowing that coaching and feedback are key to on-going performance management and engagement, our solution allows individuals to obtain and manage peer, 360-degree, subordinate and manager feedback more frequently and in one place.

  • Quick and easy, off-the-shelf questions (20-25) about performance.
  • Keep a central repository so that they can manage, store, and track performance.
  • Make the annual review process easier, with real-time feedback that is obtained at completion of projects.
Engagement Feedback

Humantelligence Real-Time Engagement EQ Everywhere Plugin

Infuse collaboration into your team’s every day work using one the Humantelligence plugins suited for your organization’s systems

  • Get tips to improve team communication and collaboration
  • Create equitable and engaging experiences for remote workers
  • Available at employee’s fingertips on Gmail, Google calendar, Outlook, Teams, and Slack
  • Visit the EQ Everywhere website to learn more

Clear & Consistent Benefits

Our solutions provide you with proven methods for improving employee engagement and getting the most out of your workforce. Integrating our Engagement Suite with your operations will help you get everyone on the same page. We make it easy to communicate goals, connect coworkers and evaluate performance. Our platform enhances and supports your internal corporate culture by centralizing feedback, communication and employee engagement strategies. There has never been a quicker or more convenient way to align everyone in your organization with the same game plan. To learn more about this and other training management solutions we offer, get in touch with us today.

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