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While assessments are pervasive, they’re used very narrowly – most commonly to assess candidates’ personality traits, identify high-potential leaders for promotion, or facilitate better Executive Management performance. But Humantelligence® takes the age-old science of psychometric personality assessment and modernizes it in a comprehensive, SaaS-based platform so you can use it for pre-hires, leadership development, and improved team performance all at once, across your entire organization.

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Pre-hire, Leader & Team Assessments

The State of Today’s Assessments

Most of the assessments you use will require external consultants or facilitators who are “certified” in particular assessment methodology, and a highly manual implementation process whereby data is collected, aggregated and analyzed by that consultant. The critical output often remains trapped in a workbook that never gets looked at again once the workshop is complete.

The data is never integrated or delivered as actionable, consumable insights that can be used on an ongoing basis. It’s why assessments have remained within the domain of costly consultants or certified facilitators — until now. 

How Humantelligence Assessments are Different

  • Comprehensive – While most assessments only measure behaviors, Humantelligence measures Behaviors + Motivators + Work Energizers (BMW) – in just 12 minutes. No other assessments measure these in less than one hour!
  • Deeper Talent Analytics – Like others, we use psychometrics but because we measure BMW, our insights are deeper and more accurate – leading to positive impact on ROI, drastically reduced turnover, and improved performance.
  • Operationalizing Culture with Agile Culture Management – Humantelligence rolls the assessment data up into a CEO-level dashboard so you have a clear picture of your culture. Hence, we’re the culture software.
  • Better Collaboration – Scalable and fast, we embed the assessment insights into your communication tools, MSFT Teams, Outlook, Gmail, Slack, and others, for ALL employees.
  • DE&I – Use the assessment insights to ensure diversity of thought and inclusion is present in meetings or when writing emails.

Our Solution for Assessments

With every role, you’ll find candidates who are a good culture fit, based on demonstrated success or as a complement to provide balance. Internal talent and leaders may be discovered in any role, function or level, ensuring that promotable people are recognized, provided development opportunities, and retained in the long-term. Companies using Humantelligence’s agile culture management platform report:

  • Deeper Levels of Self-awareness
    Each individual has access to data that can lead to increased emotional intelligence and situational awareness, and help them adjust more naturally when outside their own comfort zones.
  • Improved 1:1 and Team Collaboration
    By understanding similarities and differences between individuals and across teams, people overcome obstacles that limit productivity.
  • Effective Recruiting & Internal Promotion Results
    When decisions about new hires and internal appointments transcend skills and experience, people adjust more quickly and successfully in their new roles.
  • Improved Performance & Retention
    When employees are in the right roles, enabled with the right tools, and provided mechanisms to deal with stressful situations, they are not surprisingly more satisfied, and tend to stay with their organization longer.
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How Humantelligence Does It

Humantelligence takes the age-old science of psychometric personality assessment, traditionally administered in paper-based surveys and only recently put online with personalized links, and automates it in a comprehensive SaaS-based platform.

The simple 12-minute assessment for pre-hires, potential leaders, and all employees reveals with a high degree of accuracy each individual’s Behaviors, Motivators and Work Energizers, and other important gauges of personality like communication styles and inherent capability to work remotely. The platform is infinitely scalable because each assessment is done concurrently – so organizations of 10, 1,000 or 10,000 people can get a complete picture of their culture – at any level, function, or division – in a matter of days. Humantelligence then helps you get the most value from these assessments by delivering individual and aggregated data through a variety of tools including:

  • Talent Profiles & Interview Guides
    When hiring or strengthening current teams, benchmark candidates to eliminate subjectivity, increase diversity of thought, gain insight into gaps and blind spots, and identify career mobility opportunities
  • People-Focused Onboarding
    Help new hires or team members transitioning into new teams create a sense of belonging and community more quickly
  • Collaboration Tips
    Curated sequences of bite-sized tips to promote mutual understanding and ongoing relationship building
  • 1:1 Comparisons
    Focused comparison to better understand how to work with someone
  • Comparison Maps
    Team comparison to quickly identify and leverage strengths & diversity of thought
  • EQ Everywhere
    Custom communication insights integrated into your everyday tools, like Outlook, Gmail, Teams, Slack, and more, for more effective communication
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