Honda Tailors Learning & Development to Increase Employee Engagement

In a highly competitive world with increasing transparency and significant influence by millennials, employee expectations are changing fast. There is much more emphasis on the end-to-end employee experience, which includes a productive, engaging and enjoyable work experience. By focusing on their most important asset, their associates, American Honda is proactively shaping their corporate culture to be one that emphasizes employee engagement, development and overall positive employee experience.

As a result of focusing on employee engagement, Honda saw better teaming, collaboration, ultimately a higher-performing and more competitive organization.

Learn how American Honda made significant progress in increasing its associate engagement and tapping into the company’s internal talent pool like never before through tailored learning development.
“Humantelligence offers a unique, powerful and easy-to-use suite of solutions that enables Honda to deploy associate engagement, development and people management practices.” – Angelina Iyamah-Wilson Manager, Organization Development & Inclusive Practices

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