The Importance of Hiring for Inclusion & Fit: Insights for a Culture Reset

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Insights for a Culture Reset

Last year, everything changed, including your work.

Remote work went from case-by-case decision making by some companies to an inevitable and massive change in the way that people around the world worked — one of the few times we’ve seen such a global shift in what felt like overnight. As a result of this shift, the future of work looks very different from this point forward. 

The following insights look at the benefits and struggles of remote work, and whether or not people want to keep working remotely (even if they were pushed into it rather suddenly). We also see how many of respondents worked remotely as a result of COVID-19, and how their experiences differ prior to 2020. From these insight, we give our seven-step framework underpinned by the B-M-W methodology (Behaviors, Motivators, Work Energizers) to help you reset culture for better inclusion, diversity of thought, and fit.

Start Transforming Culture for the Future of Work

2020 certainly changed the course of remote work, and we will continue to see the effects in 2021 and beyond. With millions of people experiencing long-term remote and hybrid work for the first time due to COVID-19, we’re seeing a space altered with new tools, practices, and work cultures all over the world. Some companies -- like those with a remote-first policy -- will never go back to in-person working, and so the industry is bound to continue to change and evolve over the next few years.

More than ever, we believe a thriving remote work experience comes with greater transparency and trust, and part of that means empowering people with the tools and resources that support an inclusive work experience, that enable more effective communication, collaboration, and productivity of teams -- the importance for which we see underscored by 35% of respondents to these polls. And as the job market accelerates -- we’re operating with 13% more open jobs than we had a year ago according to Josh Bersin’s March 2021 article, What To Expect In A Red Hot Job Market? -- companies will experience increasingly stiff competition for high quality candidates, especially now that geo/location is no longer a dependency. 

At Humantelligence, we’re helping organizations sustain and reset culture intentionally amid remote and hybrid workforce model shifts -- and make it a differentiator in an ultra-competitive market. With a 7-step framework focused on unlocking insights around the behaviors, motivators, and work energizers of individuals and the collective organization, you can measure, manage, and then hire in a way that builds and strengthens remote culture. You’ll be able to attract higher-quality candidates, reduce time-to-hire and subjectivity, select candidates based on fit, predictive success, and to ensure better diversity of thought, as well as build teams that can collaborate more effectively than ever before.

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