ConstructConnect Hires for Culture to Improve Long-Term Employee Retention

With nearly 900 employees, ConstructConnect connects the North American construction industry with the best information, technology solutions, and market relationships to drive stakeholders’ success through investment in the professional growth of talent. That’s why ConstructConnect turned to Humantelligence to help them measure, manage, and hire for retention.

ContructConnect quickly identified the need to approach their recruiting efforts more strategically — focusing on how to hire for retention — which meant leveraging psychometrics and technology while establishing process. ConstructConnect elected to use Humantelligence’s recruitment platform, part of which includes a 12-minute assessment that measures candidates’ behaviors, motivators, and work energizers. Using a new approach, ConstructConnect was able to expedite the interviewing process – and go to offer more quickly – by identifying criteria for success up front and screening for candidates that fit that criteria from the onset. As a result, ConstructConnect was able to better attract and retain talent in this new normal.  

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