An Effective Remote Employee Onboarding Checklist

improve employee onboarding

Onboarding is one the most influential factors when it comes to the employee experience. Companies that have effective onboarding processes in place achieve 2.5 times more revenue growth and 1.9 times the profit margin compared to organizations with poor onboarding strategies. It pays to improve employee onboarding processes.

However, creating a great onboarding experience isn’t easy. Like many other processes in remote and distributed teams, onboarding requires more structure and more focused collaboration time. And without a physical work environment, you’ll have to work harder to help the team member feel emotionally connected to coworkers, the company, and the organization’s mission.

To improve employee onboarding processes, download our customizable onboarding checklist for the 11 steps critical for ensuring successful onboarding and stronger employee retention. And for tips and tricks you can start using today, check out our 10 Tips for Employee Onboarding & Training and see how we can help new hires feel a better sense of belonging more quickly!

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