Raj Rawal

CEO, SF Mango Investments
Former CIO, Burger King

Why did I join Humantelligence?

I was sold on the idea of helping everyone in companies "understand, communicate and connect."

More about Raj

Raj Rawal: is CEO and President of The Fresh Diet which is the #1 fresh, gourmet meal delivery company in the US with operations in Miami, LA, NY, Chicago, and Dallas. Additionally, he is the Senior Global Advisor for Humantelligence.

Previously, Raj was a senior-level executive in global, world-class hospitality, retail, food service, and manufacturing companies such as Burger King Corporation (BKC), Avis Budget Group and GE. As Senior Vice President and CIO at BKC, Raj implemented a strategic technology roadmap resulting in 3% EBITDA improvement from POS analytics and $12 million topline impact by allowing pricing tier per restaurant. Additionally, three hours of labor reduction per day per restaurant was achieved by enforcing hourly crew work schedules, and 20% reduction in support staff as well as consistent corporate practices by implementing automated global financial processes and tools.

Raj started his career at GE on their Edison Engineering Program and was promoted through a series of key positions over his 18 years with GE. He was then recruited within GE to assignments in engineering, manufacturing and information technology. Raj was then promoted to the CIO position of GE Information Services, the premier provider of EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) services, regarded as the early ecommerce technology.

With increasing dot com investments and opportunities, Raj left GE in 1997 to be SVP and Partner at a successful consulting company, Operon Partners, providing ecommerce consulting, interim IT leadership roles, and advisory services to companies for possible acquisition. He then founded his own company, Axya Corporation, in 2001 to provide interim CIO services to Fortune 1000 organizations experiencing significant change and challenges. It was here that he led the very large and successful integration of the Budget car rental business into the Avis systems and processes as their SVP and CIO. Therefore today, Avis and Budget brands both operate on an integrated, cost effective platform.

Raj holds a Masters of Science in Operations Research from Case Western Reserve University. He also graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Raj is a Board member of The Education Fund for over seven years and is an active supporter of public education and youth in the community.

Raj's Humantelligence Results

Independent Persona

Independent (39%)

Raj follows a deep personal sense of direction, and challenges existing methods. He can suggest new ways of doing things for increased effectiveness. He sees the big picture and communicate it to others.

Thinker Persona

Thinker (39%)

Raj meets new people in a reserved, polite, and quiet way. He prefers a logical approach to transactions, and remains cool, calm, and collected through most business situations.

Helper Persona

Helper (22%)

Raj has a high sincerity-factor and genuinely enjoy helping others. He is generous in sharing his time and talent with others and are a willing teacher and coach for others on the team.

Success Statement

I am motivated by Freedom and Uniqueness, I work in Decisive and Freeform ways, and my ideal work allows for New Solutions and Variety.

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