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All of Humantelligence’s products are in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and German* (*By March 2018)

North America:

West Coast - SF & LA:
Dan Jahns

Northeast – New York & Boston:
Scott Craighead
Southeast – Raleigh:
Lucas Dalton

Florida – Miami:
Juan Betancourt

Latin America:

Mexico - D.F.:
Carlos Lahud

Colombia - Bogotá:
Victor Cortés
Brasil - Sao Paulo:
Lucas Dalton

Argentina – Buenos Aires:
Alexis Zacharzewski
Costa Rica - San José:
Jose Munoz


France - Paris:
Emmanuel Zecchini

Germany - Berlin:
Alex Felsenberg
Greece - Athens:
Dan Jahns

Dubai - UAE:
Dan Jahns


Sam Wailan

China Beijing & Shanghai:
Juan Betancourt

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Juan Luis Betancourt

Support & Client Success
+1 (877) 203-5975

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