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Humantelligence Solutions to Operationalize Culture

Recruiting & Hiring for Fit

Choose the right candidates more quickly by evaluating success factors and culture alongside skills & experience.

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Choose the right candidates more quickly by evaluating success factors and culture alongside skills & experience.

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Take a human-centric approach to onboarding so people experience community & belonging more quickly.

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Infuse actionable emotional intelligence (EQ) insights into your communication channels so all team members can communicate & collaborate more effectively from wherever they work.

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Develop a team culture of trust & belonging to power your team’s productivity and effectiveness.

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Foster a feedback-friendly environment of multidirectional communication to better retain & engage employees.

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Better identify high potential candidates for promotion so you can succession plan and provide growth for employees.

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Fast, comprehensive assessments for pre-employment recruiting, leadership development, and better team performance.

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Align culture to strategy so your teams can deliver business results even during times of change.

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Deliver deeper levels of understanding between employees, elevate emotional intelligence & hire for diversity of thought.

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3-Step Process to Achieve a High Performing Culture

Measure: Assess your culture in 10 minutes with our Self-Assessment

Just like with any business related KPI, you need measurable data to make sound decisions about your people and your unique culture at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

  • Our 30-year proprietary and technically validated, EEOC- Adverse Impact-compliant science measures what we call “BMW” in 10-12 minutes – what no other assessment can do in less than 1 hour.
  • Behaviors
  • Motivators
  • Ideal Work Environment
Culture Analytics

Manage: Align, Optimize culture using Culture Analytics

Use data to align culture intentionally at team, group, functional and divisional levels, all the way to the overall corporate culture of your organization. Get powerful insights and align your culture to your strategy, improving profitability. Learn why teams perform (and why they don’t) to course-correct, and standardize across your company, at all levels or regions.

  • Measure and gain insights for success
  • Understand what work motivators contribute to the team’s culture
  • Create a more effective and productive work environment

Hire: Find candidates for your culture using Talent Fit

Team analytics can be used to address your unique needs; allowing you to hire more intentionally for culture fit, for performance and/or for diversity of thought. Use benchmarks at the individual, team, and organization level, to remove bias and offer more predictive success through quality hires that helps reduce turnover and improve profitability.

  • Select new hires faster. Eliminate 80% of the recruiting process.
  • Reduce subjectivity by over 80%, and increase diversity, by letting AI filter your candidates based on data, and presenting the best ones for interviews.
  • Identify opportunities for internal mobility
  • Choose candidates that are a better fit for your company – either cloning a profile or guaranteeing “diversity of thought”, depending on the role.
Talent Fit Recruiting

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How it works – connecting your culture to hiring

Measure culture at every level, uncovering talent insights for improving performance, collaboration, and hiring.

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Our scientifically proven 12-minute self-assessment and talent analytics platform measures culture at every level, uncovering talent insights that can be leveraged for improving performance, engagement, and recruiting. For instance, in the new “Future of Work” (working remote), identify through psychometrics and work styles the high-risk individuals, teams, and team leaders who will struggle to work from home, and leverage our software to maintain performance and productivity in this new reality. Insights to improve collaboration, teamwork, and leadership for a remote world of work.

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Is Investing in Culture Change Worth It?

John Kotter’s culture study showed strong performance-based cultures can lead to*:




Stock Price


Net Income


Job Growth

Companies focused on transforming culture to optimize the employee experience demonstrate:


Higher Average Profits


Increase in Industry-related Profitability


Greater Ability to Outperform Competition

Humantelligence drives real business results

Reduce subjectivity in hiring by 80%
Reduce your turnover by up to 40%
Streamline interview process by 90%
Improve employee engagement

* Corporate Culture and Performance, John Kotter & James Heskett (2011)

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Humantelligence is a leader in HR Analytics on G2 Humantelligence is a leader in HR Analytics on G2 Humantelligence is a leader in HR Analytics on G2

What our customers are saying

‘Best ROI Software Implementation’

“Use of HT has streamlined and standardized our interview and hiring process. This creates a more consistent on-boarding experience as we have multiple hiring managers. Due to the analytics provided in the assessment, we hire smarter, meaning we save money and retain employees longer than in the past”

Jeff M, Executive Director, Vivo Kitchen

‘HT helps close the gaps between current culture and desired culture’

“When we need to help our customers to align their team culture with the company strategy, with HT we have a really easy-to-use tool to help teams to know their real culture, the opportunities that a given culture enable to execute their strategy, and the gaps to improve their capacity to be excellent…”
Camilo C, Consulting Services Director, H Plus

‘Great way for business of all sizes to hire the best people’

“The assessment is quick and easy to take from a mobile phone. For administrators, the dashboard is clean and simple. The ability to take individual’s assessments and compare them to a group or teams is a phenomenal benefit.”
Joel S, HR Consultant, West Valley Business Executives

‘On the spot – very valuable’

“Fast & accurate results

The service is perfect to optimize understanding and results of individuals and teams. It not only serves the recruiting requirements but it is perfect for optimizing team results and for long-time satisfaction of teams. Our sales went smother and we made more profit in the end.”

‘Great Insight’

“I like to send the survey results to managers so that they have insight on how best to train our new hires.”

‘Finally a tool to ensure people are Culture Fit!’

“Being able to map our culture so that we can create a culture by design as opposed to culture by default.”

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