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Why is the Resume messing up hiring?

Why the Resume is messing up hiring?

Guest Author: José G. Hernández

Several studies found that work experience is not the best predictor of future job success.

So why do we still rely on it as the primary tool when it comes to hiring or doing job interviews?

It makes no sense.

What can be done about this?

We need to aggressively reinvent the hiring process. Companies like Heineken, Coca-Cola, Honda, IBM and others are already doing it and they no longer rely on résumés to identify, pre-screen or evaluate candidates. There is nothing wrong with the résumé but they’re not very useful for identifying motivation, values and behavior.

Instead, some of these organizations are using A.I. based technology, structured job interviews and behavioral assessments to determine the candidate best “cultural contribution” , as opposed to “cultural fit”. Also, when they implement these tools correctly, they reduce hiring biases.

Companies are partnering with firms like humantelligence, a cloud-based Culture Analytics and recruiting platform that uses advanced technology leveraging behavioral science and AI to make their hiring process more effective.

Organizations truly interested in hiring people who are contributors to their culture and from diverse backgrounds must abandon the conventional practice of filtering by résumé.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how to make the hiring process more effective.

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