paul hughes, humantelligence partner

Paul Hughes

Why did I join Humantelligence? Having researched and done the myriad of introspective personality profiling tools I was wowed by the accuracy of the Humantelligence software and immediately saw its utility particularly in my area of interest which is in the elite sports coaching sphere. About Paul Paul is a multi-lingual (Russian, Arabic and Pashto) former Royal Air Force Aircrewman and Managing Director of his own Forensic Research Company. During his 22-year military career he […]
wendy kinnell partner

Wendy Kinnell

Why did I join Humantelligence? Humantelligence grabbed my attention for its uniqueness, data aggregation, disruptive power, versatility yet simplicity quickly evident to me. A 20+ year career within Human Capital informing that decision. Humantelligence solves for many, if not all, of the HR issues that have dogged businesses for decades. If there was ever a time to solve for those and have high performance yet employee wellbeing co-exist it is now. Humantelligence can provide even […]
martin lister, humantelligence partner

Martin Lister

Why did I join Humantelligence? Two reasons. Firstly the commercial: Having headed teams of well over a hundred people with members in up to 44 countries at any one time, I know that the most difficult challenge of any executive is the people. The bigger the team the more time is spent on people issues and less on the business. Large teams are motivated or disengaged by culture. A motivated engaged team succeeds and a […]

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