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Sony Mordechai

May 6, 2020

​Why did I join Humantelligence? HumanTelligence is on the cutting edge of culture and technology. It’s a great pleasure to be part of this brilliant […]

Amit Basu

​Why did I join Humantelligence? I got involved with Humantelligence for several reasons. One is that it is a great fit for my skills and […]

Joel Doherty

​More about Joel Joel is the Head of Global Strategy & Business Development at EPSON America Inc. Joel’s Humantelligence Results Independent (38%) Joel follows a […]

Mark Rampolla

​Why did I join Humantelligence? To learn and grow in the pursuit of my best life and inspire and empower others to do the same. […]

Doug Klinger

​About Doug Doug Klinger: is a healthcare, internet and financial services executive with 20 years of experience in general management and board governance of small […]

Jon Shepherd

​Why did I join Humantelligence? The intersection of psychology, economics, big data, and analytics is here! HT will give insight to individuals, tools to leaders, […]

David Yudis

​Why did I join Humantelligence? I work with Humantelligence because I believe there is nothing on the market that compares with the potential to impact […]

Raj Rawal

​Why did I join Humantelligence? I was sold on the idea of helping everyone in companies “understand, communicate and connect.” More about Raj Raj Rawal: […]

Anne Butler

​Why did I join Humantelligence? When you find a passionate entrepreneurs, coupled with an idea for a tool that will increase understanding, motivation and productivity […]

Ana Dutra

​Why did I join Humantelligence? As research and data has demonstrated for decades, employees engagement and productivity are strongly determined by how inspired and supported […]

Ed Rensi

​Why did I join Humantelligence? Humantelligence is an opportunity to make a difference in mentoring people who want to grow and succeed. More about Ed […]

Frantz Alphonse

​Why did I join Humantelligence? I have a mentor of mine who is fond of reminding me that, when attempting to influence someone, you have […]

Mike DiGregorio

​Why did I join Humantelligence? I am involved with Humantelligence because I have always been intrigued with the concept of engagement of employees and leveraging […]

Ian Ziskin

​Why did I join Humantelligence? I am involved in Humantelligence because it is a great capability that addresses three high-priority needs in global organizations: Focused […]

Jake Jacobs

​Why did I join Humantelligence? I invested in the company and joined its board because I believe we have a revolutionary product that can substantially […]

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