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John Ordoñez

September 18, 2020

​Why did I join Humantelligence? After doing consulting work I really wanted to join a company that would have its own product and drive. Humantelligence […]

Robin Hernandez

May 5, 2020

​Why did I join Humantelligence? When I presented the Humantelligence Self-Assessment, I knew that this company had built something that will change the way recruiting […]

Pedro Criollo

​Why did I join Humantelligence? People have always been essential to organizations; they are a major and often the most important resource. Excellent organizations recognize […]

Christophe Estanol

​Why did I join Humantelligence? I joined Humantelligence because HT offer a unique perspective into the DNA of a company. Something that hadn’t been done […]

Victor Cortes

​Why did I join Humantelligence? Company culture and vision. The company culture is the same I have been trying to build: Where people can make […]

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