John Ordoñez

Why did I join Humantelligence? After doing consulting work I really wanted to join a company that would have its own product and drive. Humantelligence is the place where I found those things. A place that owns the growth of a meaningful product, has total control of its development and where I look first hand at the impact of my craft on people’s life. Humantelligence’s goal of helping people to know better about themselves, fuel […]
robin hernandez infraestructure lead

Robin Hernandez

Why did I join Humantelligence? When I presented the Humantelligence Self-Assessment, I knew that this company had built something that will change the way recruiting is done right now, turning it into a more efficient process. I got really excited with the platform, and all the challenges that I get to work on. I know this can be a very complex project, but I’ve set myself the goal to bring all my experience to make […]
pedro criollo front end lead

Pedro Criollo

Why did I join Humantelligence? People have always been essential to organizations; they are a major and often the most important resource. Excellent organizations recognize and value the vital contribution that people make to their success, Humantelligence knows that and helps organizations to achieve it. I joined this cause because I believe in this philosophy: helping others with the tools that we build and at the same time help ourselves to grow as human beings. […]
christoph estanol integrations lead

Christophe Estanol

Why did I join Humantelligence? I joined Humantelligence because HT offer a unique perspective into the DNA of a company. Something that hadn’t been done before. You can now look under the hood of your company, understand and nurture the most fundamental part of your business, the human capital. I am also a data driven person and have had for a long time a keen interest in psychology and behavioral science. I finally found a […]
victor cortes, product lead

Victor Cortes

Why did I join Humantelligence? Company culture and vision. The company culture is the same I have been trying to build: Where people can make their own decisions, where there is transparency at all levels (finance, strategy, product, etc), where you can have direct communication with anyone, and we all are partners. A group of people from all around the globe performing together in harmony, sharing the same vision (big picture) to change the world, […]

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