kader bouakil partner

Kader Bouakil

Why did I join Humantelligence? My experience in helping individuals and companies over many years has been paved with regular frustrations. Despite good products and great individuality, some companies are not able to realize important or sometimes vital business opportunities. When I looked at the elements that made those failures, the relationship between the individuals within the companies were frequently an important element explaining the issues. When I started working on company values and cultures, […]
martin lister, humantelligence partner

Martin Lister

Why did I join Humantelligence? Two reasons. Firstly the commercial: Having headed teams of well over a hundred people with members in up to 44 countries at any one time, I know that the most difficult challenge of any executive is the people. The bigger the team the more time is spent on people issues and less on the business. Large teams are motivated or disengaged by culture. A motivated engaged team succeeds and a […]

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