The Remote Culture Shift: Tips for making the most out of your new remote work reality

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The Remote Culture Shift: Tips for getting the most out of your new remote reality

As news of the COVID-19 outbreak reshapes our reality, there’s no doubt that this is a challenging time for our companies and cultures therein. More than anything, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

For most of us, we still have a job to do and if you and your team weren’t already in a rhythm working from home, you are likely facing a new set of everyday obstacles. Over the last few weeks, we have conducted a number of surveys, remote culture webinars for HR executives, opened up our culture platform for a 90 day trial to those in need, and began development work around ideal remote culture profiles to find high risk employees or teams, and personalized feedback to improve your unique remote situation. More on that later.

Key Statistics, Benefits, and Challenges of Working Remotely

First, let’s jump into the reality of the situation with some key statistics and feedback we found from surveying 151 organizations:

While there are many benefits of working remotely, such as:

There are also some challenges including:

Advice for Working Remotely

To note, Humantelligence has been a fully distributed (i.e. remote work only) company since its inception and we’ve been studying and measuring the impact of remote work on morale and productivity for the past five years. What follows is some of our advice.

Recorded Webinar: 

On Tuesday, March 24th, we hosted a webinar for over 200 HR executives looking for tips on how to better manage their shift to a remote culture and keep performance and engagement levels up.


Workspace Set up


Remote Boardroom Background

Collaboration/Stay Connected

Try Humantelligence Free for Your Remote Workforce

In addition to the above tips, Humantelligence’s platform can also be used to help organizations and individuals adjust to this new way of working. HT’s self-assessment behavioral science tool measures behaviors, motivators and ideal work styles and provides personalized tips for communicating, motivating and influencing each person based on the results. By applying this to your workforce you can identify potential remote working trouble spots and help employees adjust and be successful while living in with the new reality. Here’s how:

Oh, and remember how we mentioned some new remote culture features coming out soon? Here is a sneak peak…

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