The Crystal Ball of HR: Address culture, hiring, and remote work in the aftermath of COVID 19

Crystal Ball of HR Panel


Aired: Wednesday, June 17, 2020
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For most of you, COVID-19 forced some level of layoffs, maybe put hiring on hold, and forced many of you to work remote.  All of these factors impact CULTURE.  As such, your post COVID-19 culture is by definition “different”. The ability to influence and manage to a “culture of intention” has been affected during these past months.  But now, we are starting to get back to the new normal, but that means a new culture for your company or for the profile of roles that might remain remote.

In our last webinar, we assembled a set of 7 steps to re-establish your culture and ramp up hiring to win the hunt for top talent going forward. If you missed it, no worries, we put together an infographic highlighting these steps. To expand on your knowledge, we have invited 4 industry “culture experts” from around the globe to give their perspective on how to obtain your “culture of intention” in the new “future of work”, post COVID-19.


  • How to re-establish and build towards a performance-based culture
  • Finding talent that will make cultural contributions towards your targets
  • How remote work will continue to play a role in your culture
  • How to screen for “Remote Workers” 

Panel of Experts:

  • Kerry Leidich –  Humantelligence, Co-Founder
  • Dora Valdez –  Orange Investments, HR Director, Business Owner, and Entreprenuer
  • Martin Lister –  Humantelligence, UK Partner
  • Karen Jaw-Madson –  Co.-Design of Work Experience, Principal, Culture Expert, & Author

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