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Creating Power Pairs: How Workplace Mentorship Improves Culture

A mentoring program can improve employee retention, create better diversity of thought, help you plan for the future, and save on other training costs.Workplace mentoring or coaching is a cost-effective way for existing, well-trained or experienced employees to provide guidance and knowledge to less-experienced employees or to employees who differ from them. The mentor is typically not the direct manager or supervisor of the mentee, and the outcomes differ, depending on the goals of the […]

Connecting Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Training

Connecting Emotional Intelligence And Leadership Training It isn’t surprising that the workplace can spark strong emotions in dedicated workers. Full-time employees spend at least 40 hours each week managing their workload, various personalities and other potential stress factors. To handle these stressors, organizations can focus on emotional intelligence leadership training to help employees feel and perform better in the workplace. Many of today’s employers understand the value of investing in their employees, seeking ways to […]

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