Unlock the Power of People to Drive Better Team Performance

Key to effectiveness and productivity, team dynamics are difficult to measure and even harder to change — until now!

With a culture and talent intelligence platform, you can assess culture at team level in order to build a more engaged, higher performing team. We uncover the behaviors, motivators, and work energizers of individuals so you can pinpoint strengths, identify gaps, and align talent management strategies to your goals.

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Today's Team-Building Experience

The Typical Team-Building Experience

Workshops and one-time exercises designed to increase team effectiveness usually focus on aligning roles to goals, strategy, and KPIs. Sometimes, they focus on improving inclusion – but with no mechanisms in place to practice collaboration and build trust regularly.

So even when team members align on strategy and priorities, without clarity on individual strengths and the broader team dynamics, they struggle to perform effectively, resulting in:

  • Missed opportunities to properly motivate people
  • Interpersonal conflict & misunderstandings
  • Sub-optimal business results
  • High turnover of those who lack a sense of belonging

The Missing Element:
A Team Culture of Trust & Belonging

What’s missing – and often an accelerator for productivity – is a clearer understanding of the team’s culture dynamics and knowing how to use each team members’ strengths and complements to drive collaboration, inclusion, and business outcomes.

To power a more effective team, you have to:

  • Understand your team dynamics
  • Apply those dynamics in ways that can achieve your team’s goals
  • Continuously build a culture of trust & belonging

The Solution for Better Team Performance

Humantelligence addresses the overlooked gaps in the team-building experience by helping teams build cultures of trust and belonging.

We deliver specific insights and the kind of mechanisms you need to discover blind spots, identify strengths, and promote the sharing of diverse perspectives. Our platform empowers team leaders to take small, intentional steps, on an ongoing basis, to create a team culture that values every individual’s contributions. With the Humantelligence approach to team effectiveness, you experience:

  • Manager Enablement: Better equipped leaders can engage team members and more easily tailor communications to individuals.
  • Alignment: Team members understand how they can uniquely contribute to team goals, which accelerates belonging and aligns people to strategy.
  • Increased Agility: The team will naturally begin to leverage diversity of thought and action in every situation, solving problems more quickly and becoming more productive.
  • Better Business Outcomes: Valued team members become force multipliers.

How Humantelligence Does It

To enable team effectiveness, Humantelligence catalogs your team members’ unique behaviors, motivators and work energizers and then surfaces those insights in a variety of tools designed to increase self-awareness, improve emotional intelligence, and facilitate better collaboration. Humantelligence empowers your team to communicate and perform more effectively with:

  • Team Culture Playbook
    Operationalize culture with a three-step process, repeated monthly without facilitation or training to pinpoint strengths, identify gaps, and align the team on goals
  • Talent Profiles
    Deep personality assessments surfacing behaviors, motivators, and work-energizers for greater self awareness
  • Collaboration Tips
    Curated sequences of bite-sized tips to promote mutual understanding and better collaboration
  • Team Member Comparisons
    Comparisons between any two employees for better collaboration
  • Team Member to Overall Team Comparison
    Mapping to help leaders manage conflict
  • EQ Everywhere
    Customized team communication insights for more effective emails, chats, and meetings
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