Better Communication Leads to More Collaborative Teams

If your team’s inefficient and unclear communication is costing you time, talent, and productivity, we can fix that.

We leverage culture analytics and then infuse actionable emotional intelligence (EQ) insights into your already existing communication channels, at just the right moments, to help employees understand their differences so they can communicate and collaborate more effectively. And we do it without the costly consultants & implementations.

Exceptional Team Communication & Collaboration
is Hard to Achieve

The Collaboration Challenge

With differences in learning, teaching, and communication styles, as well as personalities and skills, being able to communicate clearly and efficiently using email, video meetings, chats, and in-person is already challenging. Coupled with competing projects, deadlines, objectives, and agendas, figuring out how to collaborate within teams becomes even harder.

Add the physical distance between most teams today, and the productivity of remote and hybrid teams often suffers because of poor communication and collaboration.

But it doesn’t have to.

The Missing Element: Quick Trust Building

To achieve superior remote & hybrid team collaboration, team members must have a shared purpose, be aligned on goals, and understand how they uniquely contribute to results. To do that, individuals must de-prioritize personal agendas, build trust with one another, and commit to resolving team conflict. That’s difficult in remote or hybrid environments.

The key is trust! To fast track trust-building, team leaders are empowering their teams with tools that surface their behaviors, motivators, and work energizers so they have greater self-awareness as well as insight into how to work with others on their team.

The Solution for Improving
Remote & Hybrid Team Collaboration

In addition to preventing potential conflicts, Humantelligence breaks down barriers between team members – a process that normally takes months, if not years – in order to build trust quickly and aligns them to shared objectives.

With tools that plug into your team’s everyday communication channels – email, meetings, and chats – your team will have the insights needed to resolve disagreements, work better with another, and make every interaction valuable – especially important for remote employees.

  • Greater Self-awareness: Uncovering the unique personality characteristics that contribute to motivation, values, and behavior
  • Better 1-on-1 Communication: Mutual understanding of preferred communication styles and tips to tailor communications to others, especially valuable for people who are dissimilar
  • Effective Teaming: Clarity on team dynamics and how each member contributes to shared team goals

Better communication and teaming leads to better collaboration, and better collaboration leads to increased productivity.

How Humantelligence Does It

Humantelligence leverages team culture analytics and then infuses actionable emotional intelligence insights into your already existing communication channels – Gmail, Outlook, Slack, MS Teams, and more – to help employees better understand and value their differences, communicate more meaningfully, and collaborate more effectively.

  • Talent Profiles
    Deep personality assessments revealing preferred behaviors, motivators, and work-energizers for greater self-awareness
  • Team Culture Playbook
    Operationalize culture building using a simple three-step process, repeated monthly, to pinpoint strengths, identify gaps, and align the team on goals
  • Collaboration Tips
    Curated sequences of bite-sized tips to promote mutual understanding and better collaboration
  • Team Member Comparisons
    Comparisons between any two employees across several dimensions to learn how to better work with someone
  • Team Member to Overall Team Comparison
    Mapping to help leaders manage conflict with any team member
  • EQ Everywhere
    Custom communication insights integrated into everyday tools, like Outlook, Gmail, Teams, Slack, and more, for ongoing relationship building and running better meetings.
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