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Talent Management And Development

Develop high-performing teams and individuals to drive optimal workforce performance.

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It takes more than raw talent to build a successful enterprise. Your company must provide employees with a strong culture and the guidance they need to grow. Using talent assessment, advanced analytics software solutions, and culture management features from Humantelligence, HR managers can turn high potential employees into high performing employees. Armed with accurate and actionable data from the talent development software, you will be equipped to make the right decisions more efficiently, effectively and reliably.

The complete Humantelligence HR talent development platform brings numerous benefits to the workplace by enhancing employee engagement. Our talent development strategies give managers the power to identify high-performing teams, help employees grow their abilities and offer them greater opportunities for mobility. Read on to learn how our talent and development solutions can create the type of culture people want — and can bring a significant amount of value to your office.

Measure the culture at any level of the organization

Look at culture from teams to the overall organization to gain insights for success.

  • Start actively measuring culture throughout your organization with a quick 12-minute assessment.
  • Use talent analytics to find high performing teams and use those insights to develop other high performing teams.
  • Be equipped with accurate, actionable culture data to promote positive change throughout the organization.

Improve employee engagement

Give managers the power to uncover unique insights for every employee

  • Provide insights to managers on their team culture to help better communicate and collaborate
  • Hire employees who are a good culture fit for the team and who will be more engaged and successful
  • Find out what makes each employee tick, and provide them with the motivators they need to stay engaged

Provide career mobility

Find internal opportunities for growth and watch your retention increase.

  • Identify internal mobility opportunities for employees who have outgrown their positions
  • Compare profiles of employees to high performers in other parts of the organization to identify opportunities for movement
  • Increase retention by keeping high performers and offering additional opportunities and positions for growth

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