Solutions for Talent Acquisition

Match candidates quicker, for better culture fit and with long-term success.

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Streamline your recruiting process by 30%

Eliminate unnecessary phone screens and video interviews and get straight to the final candidates:

  • Cut down on the screening process
  • Significantly reduce your time to hire
  • Gain efficiencies to fill more positions and meet your hiring goals

Identify qualified candidates who are a strong fit with your team culture

Recruit more qualified candidates based on culture fit, not just skills and experience – quickly find the EQ not just the IQ:

  • Deliver data-driven candidate recommendations to hiring managers
  • Hire beyond job-specific skills for true culture fit and better job satisfaction
  • Reduce turnover with higher engagement

Reduce substantially subjectivity in interviews

Take the guesswork out of the interview process:

  • Significantly reduce the unconscious bias to hire people like themselves
  • Use AI and analytics to hire based on fit with the behaviors, motivators, and work environment that are best for the role and/or team
  • Make data-driven hiring decisions which increase engagement and reduce turnover

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An integrated cloud-based platform leveraging AI and talent analytics to address every phase of the employee lifecycle

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