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Hiring the right people for your business can be complicated and sometimes frustrating. If your organization has an open position to fill, there may be a mountain of qualified candidates with the necessary skills and experience. However, that doesn’t mean they are all going to be a good fit. Checking an applicant’s resume against the job requirements isn’t enough. You need to know if he or she will mesh well with the rest of the team — and company culture. 

Luckily, Humantelligence can make the process much faster and easier with our talent acquisition solutions. Our state-of-the-art software can help you source, screen, interview and onboard with greater efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. Plus, our products deliver talent acquisition analytics that can reduce the time spent vetting and interviewing prospective hires.

With Humantelligence, your enterprise can simplify recruiting, find people who fit your culture and eliminate the guesswork. The end result can be a more successful and headache-free experience for you and your candidates.


Streamline your recruiting process by 30%

Eliminate unnecessary phone screens and video interviews and get straight to the final candidates:

  • Cut down on the screening process
  • Significantly reduce your time to hire
  • Gain efficiencies to fill more positions and meet your hiring goals

Identify qualified candidates who are a strong fit with your team culture

These talent solutions help you recruit more qualified candidates based on culture fit, not just skills and experience – quickly find the EQ not just the IQ:

  • Deliver data-driven candidate recommendations to hiring managers
  • Hire beyond job-specific skills for true culture fit and better job satisfaction
  • Reduce turnover with higher engagement

Reduce substantially subjectivity in interviews

Take the guesswork out of the interview process with our talent acquisition platform:

  • Significantly reduce the unconscious bias to hire people like themselves
  • Use AI and analytics to hire based on fit with the behaviors, motivators, and work environment that are best for the role and/or team
  • Make data-driven hiring decisions which increase engagement and reduce turnover

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