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Choose and hire the right candidates more quickly, for long-term talent acquisition success.

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As a talent acquisition professional, you know hiring the right people for your business can sometimes be frustrating. If you have open positions to fill, there’s probably a mountain of qualified candidates with the necessary skills and experience, but most won’t be a good fit. You need to know who will best mesh well with the rest of the team. With Humantelligence, you can accelerate this process by identifying those most likely to succeed within the team and culture. This process saves you time, resources, and the headache of having to rehire for the position when a mis-aligned hire leaves.  

Streamline recruiting processes by 30%

Eliminate unnecessary phone screens and video interviews and get straight to the final candidates.

  • Spend less time screening with objective comparison data.
  • Shorten your time-to-hire so you don't lose out on candidates.
  • Gain efficiencies to fill more positions and meet hiring goals.

Identify qualified candidates who are a strong fit

Recruit qualified candidates based on culture fit, not just on skills and experience, to quickly find the high EQ not just the IQ.

  • Deliver data-driven candidate recommendations to hiring managers.
  • Hire beyond job-specific skills for culture fit and better job satisfaction.
  • Reduce turnover with higher engagement.

Eliminate subjectivity in interviews

Take the guesswork out of the interview process.

  • Diminish unconscious bias.
  • Use AI and analytics to hire based on behaviors, motivators, and work energizers.
  • Make data-driven hiring decisions that increase engagement & reduce turnover.

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