Talent Solutions to Hire for Culture

Average time-to-hire is at least 4 weeks, with ⅔ of talent professionals’ time spent on interviewing. Combine the $4,129 it costs per new hire (SHRM), and making the wrong hires become expensive.

Adding skilled, qualified candidates to your organization shouldn’t be a number’s game. When competition is fierce, rely on a talent intelligence system that helps you select your best candidate and go to offer more quickly than ever before.

Hiring Candidates Today

The Interviewing Experience

Hiring candidates today often focuses on interviewing for skills and experience, with decisions made based on preference. It’s why many people find themselves in the wrong role, and you experience early-service turnover.

What if you could remove that subjectivity and make hiring decisions based on culture?

The Missing Element: Culture Fit

When recruiters and talent acquisition professionals can assess candidates based on skills, experience, AND their key personality characteristics – behaviors, motivators & work energizers – you’ll have a clear picture of how candidates will contribute to the team. You’ll choose candidates more likely to be successful in the role, AND you won’t have to re-invest your time and resources in a new search.

The Solution for Better & Faster Hiring

We help eliminate bias, whether known or not, from the hiring process and take a more inclusive approach to assessing candidates. You’ll be able to quickly identify the candidates who will make the kind of impact your teams need. That’s called hiring for culture and it allows you to:

  • Streamline up to 80%of traditional recruiting processes
  • Identify who brings diversity of thought to the team
  • Build stronger performing teams
  • Reduce the risk of early-service turnover
  • Increase probability for long-term retention

When you hire with Humantelligence, you go-to-offer more quickly (and stop losing talent to the other guys!) and add team members who strengthen your team & company cultures.

How Humantelligence Does It

To help you hire for culture, we capture the unique behaviors, motivators, and work energizers of your job candidates and current employees – the kind of information that takes years to learn. We then deliver hiring insights designed to help recruiting & talent acquisition professionals, as well as hiring managers, select the right candidates faster than ever before.


  • Talent Profiles
    Benchmark your candidates to significantly reduce subjectivity while uncovering their professional behaviors, motivators, and work energizers
  • Interview Guides
    Gauge true alignment & gaps to the target profile for the role
  • 1:1 Comparisons
    Determine how someone will work with other key roles in your organization
  • Comparison Maps
    Identify strengths and gaps on the team to hire for diversity of thought




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