Improve Employee Onboarding with a
People-Centric Approach

Organizations with strong onboarding processes improve new-hire retention by 82% and productivity by 70%. Still, 20% of new hires leave in the first 45 days, putting a giant question mark over your onboarding effectiveness.

How your company communicates, enables meaningful collaboration, and supports relationship building for both onsite and remote employees will make or break the onboarding experience. These elements are critical for retention.

Employee Onboarding

The Employee Onboarding Experience

What’s missing here is the part most critical to your employees’ performance and retention – and what’s leading to early turnover. That’s relationship building.

Today, your employee onboarding experience is probably the same for both remote and in-office employees. It also probably includes the same orientation basics: paperwork, admin tasks, tech access, training, and manager & team introductions.


The Missing Element: The Human Experience

With a human-centered approach, you put the focus on people. That means helping employees quickly develop deeper connections with their team leaders and colleagues, while fostering a sense of community & belonging at your organization –  especially vital for remote team members.

The Solution for Better
Employee Onboarding Results

Through a guided, people-centric onboarding process and personalized communication insights for all, your team leaders can promote the meaningful interactions required for building inclusive team cultures. And when people know HOW to work with one another, you will:

  • Build trust faster between new-hires, team leaders & team members
  • Accelerate the productivity of new hires
  • Create a stronger sense of belonging
  • Increase engagement and reduce the risk of early-service turnover

Accessible from within the Humantelligence Team Culture dashboard or delivered within other systems through flexible integration options, relationship building during onboarding is now just a click away.

How Humantelligence Does It

No, it’s not magic. We capture the unique behaviors, motivators, and work energizers of your employees – the kind of information that takes months to learn about team members. We then deploy insights designed to elevate self-awareness and facilitate better collaboration through practical tools:

  • Talent Profiles
    Deeper & actionable insight into employees’ work styles
  • Collaboration Tips
    Curated sequences of bite-sized tips to promote mutual understanding
  • 1:1 Comparisons
    Focused comparison to better understand how to work with someone
  • Comparison Maps
    Team comparison to quickly identify and leverage strengths & diversity of thought
  • Question Guides
    Facilitated onboarding discussions that go beyond the basics
  • EQ Everywhere
    Custom communication insights integrated into your everyday tools, like Outlook, Gmail, Teams, Slack, and more, for ongoing relationship building.

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