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Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers

A belonging & inclusion tool to make people feel seen, heard & valued.

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In addition to race, ethnicity, gender and other demographics, an inclusive approach to communication and valuing diversity of thought throughout the organization are the keys to a strong culture. With that, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers can propel and sustain behavioral and attitude changes that will ultimately help you accelerate additional equity initiatives. Our tool focuses on the fact that each person, no matter race or creed, is different, and we should take time to understand those differences and adjust our behaviors to become more collaborative & inclusive. It’s a less charged way to approach inclusivity and leads to big change. Plus, we do it more quickly than you ever imagined.

Adding diversity of thought to teams ensures innovation

High-performming teams consist of individuals who bring diverse perspectives, values, and ways of communicating. It's their secret weapon, but is rarely achieved given leaders and teams often hire “who they like” during subjective interview processes. Humantelligence offers a new way, based on data.

  • Hire for an intentional culture, for culture adds (different than current team), and fill gaps that allow you to shape or shift your culture to be more balanced in its thinking and ability to solve problems.
  • When building teams, eliminate bias and subjectivity using target profiles and mapping current vs. target cultures so you hire more intentionally.
  • With a wider range of knowledge, diversity increases innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking. In fact, diverse & inclusive teams make better decisions up to 87% of the time.
  • Ensure better employee retention when team members know their unique contributions are respected and valued.

Surfacing people insights in your existing communication tools helps employees flex their inclusion muscles

Deliver easily consumable and usable insights through a variety of your existing tools to increase self-awareness, understanding of others, and improve emotional intelligence (EQ).

  • Enable employees to tailor email, chat, and meeting communications based on customized in-app EQ insights.
  • Improve remote & hybrid team collaboration 24/7, on any device or in person.
  • Drive resonance and make every moment of connection valuable.
  • All of this, at your finger tips, 24/7, when it matters most – at the moment of communication, interaction, or collaboration.

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World’s first inclusion & remote work collaboration platform

Generate more engaging and inclusive daily interactions between employees & remote teams to drive productivity across your organization in an easy, scalable way.

  • At lightning speed, scale inclusivity across your enterprise in 24 to 48 hours.[Ex: Coca-Cola SWB got 10,000 people up and running in just one week.]
  • No costly implementations or third-party consultants required.
  • Fast-track belonging for new hires, increase emotional intelligence for leaders and employees, and build teams based on diversity of thought.

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