Make People Feel Seen, Heard & Valued

If you could deliver deeper levels of understanding between employees and elevate emotional intelligence for leaders, you’d accelerate buy-in for other important DE&I initiatives.

When you leverage culture analytics and then infuse actionable EQ data into the communication tools your teams use everyday, employees will value their differences, communicate more meaningfully, and collaborate more effectively. Feeling seen, heard and valued is the first step in building a strong organizational foundation for inclusion.

The Hard Work of DE&I

Making Your Workplace More Inclusive

Diversity and inclusion work is not supposed to be perfect. Not only is this field still nascent, it’s deeply personal. Decisions can trigger often polarized responses. The common misconception about DE&I efforts is that it only serves underrepresented groups. The truth is that it’s about every employee, no matter the demographic, and fostering the kind of culture that empowers everyone to achieve their full potential.

What’s challenging is that there are no universal best practices. What works for one company and culture won’t necessarily work for another. That leaves us to learn from our mistakes. That can feel intimidating, and understandably so. Don’t get discouraged by some stumbling or complaints raised by a few. They’re signs people are engaged.

The Missing Element: Belonging

It’s also not surprising that many DE&I initiatives are developed to comply with corporate governance, often under the heading Corporate Social Responsibility. In most workplaces, these initiatives still remain disconnected from broader, more substantial, and well-funded organizational changes. 

We know your ultimate goal is not the number of DE&I initiatives you can push through in a year. Rather, it’s about helping people feel seen, heard, and valued. Our solution focuses on the fact that each person, no matter race or creed, is different, and we should take time to understand those differences and adjust our behaviors to become more collaborative & inclusive. It’s a less charged way to approach inclusivity and leads to big change. 

The Solution for Improved Belonging & Inclusion

You can build a more inclusive culture when employees better understand each other and you help them value diversity of thought. With tools designed to generate more engaging and inclusive daily interactions between employees in remote or hybrid teams, Humantelligence helps you drive productivity across your organization in an easy, scalable way – based on shared understandings.

  • Shape a More Inclusive Culture
    Empower employees with a better understanding of themselves and others so they value their differences before they interact.

  • Optimize Remote & Hybrid Team Effectiveness
    Enable more effective communication and collaboration for team members who are not in the office.

  • Increase Diversity of Thought
    When building teams, eliminate bias and subjectivity by using target profiles and mapping current vs. target cultures so you hire more intentionally for culture and diversity of thought.

How Humantelligence Does It

To help you foster better inclusion, Humantelligence catalogs the unique behaviors, motivators, and work-energizers for each individual employee, and then delivers easily consumable and usable insights through a variety of tools to increase self-awareness and improve emotional intelligence:

  • Talent Profiles
    When building teams, benchmark candidates to eliminate subjectivity
  • People-Focused Onboarding
    Help new hires or team members transitioning into new teams create a sense of belonging and community more quickly
  • Collaboration Tips
    Curated sequences of bite-sized tips to promote mutual understanding and stronger working relationships
  • 1:1 Comparisons
    Focused comparison to better understand how to work with someone
  • Comparison Maps
    Identify team strengths and gaps to hire for diversity of thought
  • Remote Work Tips
    Level the playing field for virtual employees by helping them more easily adjust to remote work
  • EQ Everywhere
    Custom communication insights integrated into your everyday tools, like Outlook, Gmail, Teams, Slack, and more, for ongoing relationship building

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