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Internal Communications & Engagement Leaders

Deliver higher employee satisfaction and measurable business results through effective employee communication & highly engaged teams.

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With so much time spent on delivering, interpreting, and analyzing others’ communications, misunderstandings abound. Add the new physical distance between team members who are part of remote or hybrid teams, and the cumulative effect of negative interactions is one of the top reasons employees don't feel included and disengage.

With a culture intelligence and engagement platform, you can build better engagement by facilitating an environment of clear, open communication. Humantelligence surfaces the data you need, in the tools your team uses everyday (email providers, Teams, Slack, etc), to drive better communication during each interaction. As communications & engagement leaders, you can now help improve enterprise-wide inclusion. Inclusion is about helping everyone better understand and value their differences -- and Humantelligence solves this part of the equation more quickly than you ever imagined through technology.

Improve remote & hybrid team communication & collaboration

To achieve superior remote & hybrid team collaboration, team members must build trust and communicate effectively.

  • Tools that plug into your team’s everyday communication channels – email, meetings, and chats – give your teams the insights needed to resolve disagreements, work better with another, and make every interaction valuable – especially important for remote employees.
  • Add value to and make your current communications technology – Gmail, Outlook, Slack, MS Team, and others – more effective.
  • Be up and running in just 24 hours without the costly implementations or third-party consultants. [Ex: Coca-Cola SWB got 10,000 people up and running in one week.]

Boost engagement with multidirectional communication

When you improve communications, better engagement and higher work satisfaction follows.

  • Build employee engagement by facilitating an environment of clear, open communication.
  • Have messages better hit their target, get employees excited, and keep them engaged with your communications.
  • Reduce miscommunications and unlock productivity when you improve leaders' emotional intelligence and give employees the opportunity to focus on the work that matters most.

Drive better team performance through trust, belonging & inclusion

Empower team leaders to take small, intentional steps, on an ongoing basis, by creating a team culture that values every individual’s contributions.

  • Create alignment & accelerate belonging when team members understand how they can uniquely contribute to team goals.
  • Better equip managers to engage team members and more easily tailor communications to individuals.
  • Deliver curated sequences of bite-sized tips to promote mutual understanding and better collaboration among employees.
  • Ensure inclusion when team members understand each other’s unique contributions allowing everyone to be respected and valued.

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