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Chief Information Officers & IT Leaders

Impact organizational culture in a way that drives innovation & productivity among different workgroups.

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Chief Information Officers and IT leaders have become change agents who play a critical role in maintaining culture and collaboration for their organizations, particularly as remote and hybrid work have become a new normal. They've stepped up to embrace enhanced responsibilitiesas an opportunity to further collaborate and succeed in today’s digital-first reality.

It’s become key to prioritize systems and business processes that improve collaboration, productivity, team effectiveness, and the employee experience, despite being far from each other. With direct influence over shaping culture and impacting collaboration, you’re now partnering more closely than ever with HR to put a tactical strategy into place so that positive behaviors are identified, modeled, and encouraged – and Humantelligence can help.

Take remote & hybrid team collaboration to the next level with EQ Everywhere®

Help employees engage in higher quality & more meaningful collaboration from wherever they work

  • Plug-in Tools that surface insights in your team’s everyday communication channels – email, MSFT Teams, meetings, and chats. These insights help your teams resolve disagreements, work better with another, and make every interaction valuable – especially important for remote employees.
  • Add value to and make your current communications technology – Gmail, Outlook, Slack, MS Team, and others – more effective while improving collaboration from a distance.
  • Be up and running in just 24 hours without the costly implementations or third-party consultants. [Ex: Coca-Cola SWB got 10,000 people up and running in one week.]

DE&I + IT = EQ

With the right tools, technology leaders can now impact diversity and inclusion more powerfully than ever before, improving emotional intelligence and creating cultures of belonging and inclusion.

  • Use technology to infuse EQ insights into teams’ existing communication channels to help employees better understand each other before communicating -- that's true inclusion.
  • Leverage psychometrics and AI to generate more engaging and inclusive daily interactions between employees to drive productivity across the enterprise in an easy, scalable way.
  • Be able to build teams that guarantee diversity of thought.
  • Be proactive to support your Chief Diversity Officer peer with DE&I initiatives that can be driven and scaled, enterprise-wide, through the IT function.

See how easy it is in this two-minute video.

Modernize your organization’s overall tech stack

What proves to be most critical for powering effective collaboration, driving productivity, and engaging teams in a positive employee experience is Culture-as-a-Service (CaaS).

  • Like core technology modules (CRM, ERP, HRIS, and ATS), the new field of CaaS helps HR operationalize culture in a workforce-centric experience.
  • Partner with HR on aligning talent acquisition & workforce planning strategies in ways that maximize organizational effectiveness and team performance, at all levels of your organization.
  • Create a more human-centric employee experience integrating a culture technology focused on helping people work better together and creating more effective, agile teams.

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