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If Chief Human Resources Officers asked 100 people to define the culture of their function, team, or organization, they’ll likely get 100 different answers. And that’s actually good! Culture is not monolithic across a company. Think of culture simply as the collective Behaviors, Motivators, and Work Energizers of your employees – manifested by all of the interactions – good and bad – between team members each day. Scientists call it the “BMW” framework for understanding culture.

When a team shares purpose and is aligned on goals & strategy, employees become more deeply engaged in their work and committed to building relationships with each other – signs of a good culture. So if you need to shift, evolve, or wholly transform your culture, consider a system that helps you measure, manage, and hire based on your intention and strategy.

Enable a positive employee experience lifecycle

Operationalize your culture by leveraging Culture-as-a-Service technology (CaaS) to ensure a positive experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

  • Hire objectively for best fit and diversity of thought & onboard in a way that bolsters retention.
  • Drive team collaboration, performance, and engagement with effective communication.
  • Provide insights and tools for leaders and teams to become more agile.
  • Foster a culture of belonging, inclusion, and employee growth.

Gain enterprise-wide visibility with a C-level 'culture dashboard'

Maximize organizational effectiveness by aggregating data on people’s behaviors, motivators, and work energizers for comparative analysis. It’s the first ever BMW view of your company culture, by group, division, and/or region.

  • Identify current strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots to determine necessary shifts.
  • Align workforce planning & talent development strategies to goals.
  • Power effective teaming to drive engagement and performance.

Actively manage your culture

A managed culture ensures that the right values and associated behaviors manifest throughout an organization, and that the right practices are in place to reinforce these values.

  • When business disruptions emerge or strategy changes, it’s important to be able to actively measure, manage, and build teams aligned to that strategy.
  • Continuously evaluate your culture baseline and determine a target culture.
  • In snackable, digestible moments each week, leaders can monitor and make culture adjustments more easily based on data.
  • Plug-in API integrations allow for these culture, team, and collaboration tips to be exposed in your existing HRIS systems (UKG, SAP, Workday, Bamboo, etc) and communication tools (Slack, MSFT Teams, Outlook, Gmail, etc.).

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