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Employee Advancement Experiences

Lighthouse Research found that 88% of employees would stay at a job if they had career growth opportunities, and more than 60% have left because they didn’t see advancement.

That’s where we come in. Increased engagement and retention, lower costs, a shorter time-to-hire & onboard, and more effective succession planning are just a few of the benefits you experience when you promote from within.

Career Mobility & High-Potential Identification

The Challenges

Only 29% percent of employees believe promotions in their company are based on merit. Today’s process of identifying HiPo employees and determining career mobility is inadequate.

And sadly, an employee usually isn’t identified as high potential until they leave. By that point, organizational disruption becomes inevitable.

Where these processes do exist, they’re often too focused on skills – and not enough on evaluating leadership, communication, and work styles. It’s why almost 80% of promotions fail, and create lasting damage on company success and employee morale.

The Missing Element: Measuring What Matters

What’s missing – a way to quantify the seemingly intangible qualities that actually predict success.

From companies that have formal career mobility and HiPo identification programs to those with less structured processes, employee advancement usually depends on degrees and certifications, years of experience, and subject matter expertise. What remains overlooked is what has always been harder to measure: leadership qualities, emotional intelligence, ability to inspire and influence people, and skillfulness in collaboration, managing teams, or handling conflict.

The Solution to Improving Career Mobility Results

To keep your internal talent pool motivated and engaged, you have to provide learning and internal mobility opportunities. And to do it effectively, you have to know which kind of opportunities and roles best align with your employees. Once you have those kind of deep insights into employee strengths and areas for improvement, you’re able to determine where they best contribute.

With our approach to identifying HiPo and career mobility opportunities, you’ll see team performance improve, and the risk of turnover drastically decrease, resulting in:

  • Higher Success Rates for Employees in New Positions
    Your promoted employee can align more quickly and knows how to be effective in their new role.
  • Better Employee Experiences
    With transparency and measurement baked into the process, people adjust more easily to personnel changes.
  • Stronger Engagement
    Your promoted employee will know how to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their team.

How Humantelligence Does It

To power your career mobility processes, Humantelligence captures your employees’ unique behaviors, motivators, and work energizers and then surfaces those insights in a variety of tools designed to increase that employee’s self-awareness – while helping you identify high-potential team members and determine the right learning opportunities. 

  • Talent Profiles
    Deep personality assessments revealing preferred behaviors, motivators, and work-energizers for greater self awareness
  • Role Analytics
    Identify high-performer traits and predict success in roles
  • EQ Everywhere
    Insights into how team members communicate, learn, and lead
  • Coaching & Mentoring Pairing
    Tools to find and match optimal mentors based on personality complements
  • Feedback System
    Support continuous improvement with ongoing feedback loops

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