Strategies to Reset Your Culture for Hybrid & Remote Workforces

improve team performance Teams — newly forming, growing, and reconfiguring — can supercharge an organization’s ability to pivot and get work done amid turbulent and demanding conditions. Teaming became an organizational life raft during COVID-19 because teams are often built for adaptability rather than predictability and stability. Teams can learn and adapt faster than individual workers alone, since teams of motivated individuals will challenge each other to come up with better, more creative ideas — all of which can improve team performance.

With a poll from Gartner indicating that nearly 50% of employees expect to work remotely at least part-time after the pandemic subsides — up from 30 percent before COVID-19 — and 98 percent of the 3,500 remote workers surveyed by Buffer in The State of Remote Work said they would like the option to work remotely for the rest of their careers, data suggest organizations must invest in supercharging their teams — now in the context of permanently remote or hybrid work models — if they want to drive success and improve team performance.

To do it, future-thinking organizations have become increasingly determined to reshape and reset their culture in ways that better support fully remote teams or teams that include both on-premise and remote employees. In this eBook, we share the best practices for how to reset culture and improve team performance, so your teams can power growth.

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