Heinemann Americas Aligns Culture & Strategy to Build Human Connection Among Distributed Teams

With business partners in over 10 nations, including 10 cruise vessels, and more than one million retail items available, Heinemann Americas stores are tailored to unique audiences and offer innovative, experiential shopping experiences. The company remains focused on establishing long-term relationships based on trust and collaboration – the reason behind their continued success across markets – and the same goal extends to its workforce. That’s why they turned to Humantelligence to improve their remote & hybrid team performance. The pandemic served as a catalyst to start real conversation about culture. Through a series of meetings, company leadership started identifying what culture really meant for Heinemann Americas, and who they intended to be as a company. Learn how they worked to develop a culture that led to better remote & hybrid team performance.
“Culture conversations just weren’t a priority before the pandemic, but we soon realized how important culture is for employee morale, connection, performance, and engagement. When we were in the office, the little things made the difference. Our doors were always open. We all ate in the lunchroom. Through all the little interactions, we were able to connect in ways that we struggled to do when we went remote. All the little moments just didn’t happen anymore. Culture needs to be a priority at the top of any organization, and I soon began driving those very necessary discussions at the executive level.” – Nadine Heubel, Chief Executive Officer at Heinemann Americas

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