Richwood Bank Uses Leadership Development to Improve Team Performance

leadership development Its mission is to provide financial services and banking products that build its customers’ account balances. With 167 employees across 9 branch locations, Richwood Bank serves as the trusted financial partner for customers in Central Ohio and is focused on leadership development for its branch managers. When COVID hit, it became difficult to provide a clear roadmap of what to do when, and employee engagement suffered. Managers were not empowered, and Richwood made it a goal to focus on leadership development and enabling managers through curriculum and tools to help them deepen their working relationships with team members and improve team performance.
“We chose Humantelligence to support our leadership development goals because it’s accessible – that’s important to us – and the data is easily consumable and actionable on an ongoing basis. With great support from our Humantelligence Culture Coaches, we find the system reliable, valid, and a grab-and-go kind of tool that managers can pick-up immediately and that has created a powerful backbone for our goals.” – Tim Coan, Chief Culture Officer, Richwood Bank
To learn more on how to engage employees, check out our resources for better employee engagement.

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