Leveraging Culture-as-a-Service to Make your HR Tech Stack Industry Leading

HR Technology An effective HR technology stack both frees up HR professionals’ time to focus on more strategic efforts, while using insights from these technologies to inform decision-making related to bigger company goals, such as improving employee retention. However, most average HR tech stacks only include common elements like a core Human Resource Management System, as well as solutions for recruiting, learning, and performance management. What’s often neglected, especially for many small and mid-sized businesses, is what proves to be most critical for powering effective collaboration, driving productivity, and engaging teams in a positive employee experience — all of which contribute to employee retention — and that’s Culture-as-a-Service. If your organization was unprepared for the events of 2020, if Culture-as-a-Service is a non-existent part of your HR tech stack, or if you need an integrated, technology-enabled strategy for helping your teams achieve shared outcomes from wherever they now work, this guide is for you. We asked our HR and tech experts to share their key product and technical considerations for implementing the kind of modern, integrated HR technology stack that engages employees and streamlines their experience.

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