Six Culture Shifts to Reduce Burnout Among Hybrid & Remote Teams

employee burnout Six Culture Shifts to Reduce Burnout Among Remote & Hybrid Teams A Best Practice Guide for Reversing Employee Burnout through Culture Transformation Historically, we’ve treated burnout and low engagement and employee burnout as an isolated problem that we address one case at a time. We also tend to think of burnout as an individual problem, solvable by “learning to say no,” more yoga, better breathing techniques, practicing resilience — the self-help list goes on.  But evidence is mounting that applying one-off band-aid solutions to a rapidly evolving ‘occupational phenomenon’ may be harming, not helping, the battle. With “burnout” now officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the responsibility for managing it has shifted away from the individual and towards the organization. It’s now on you to build a burnout strategy…and it starts with culture. The good news is that there are research-based activities you can implement today to build the kind of culture that prevents burnout.  This guide is for business leaders and people managers who are responsible for talent management strategies and driving team effectiveness. This guide will provide strategies and recommendations for investing in and building the kind of organizational culture that values the whole individual and recognizes that each team member plays a critical role in the success of the organization — and reduced the burn of employee burnout. Want more? Check out our article, How to Fix the Culture Mistakes That Lead to Employee Burnout.

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