How to Create a Start Up Culture for Any Size Company

start up culture Ping pong tables, kegerators, and catered lunches, oh my! Is this what pops into minds when we think of start up culture at new companies? Sadly, the answer is probably yes, but these employee perks don’t define or even contribute to the culture for which start-ups should be most known.

Rather, the open, often casual communication, transparency, and people-first focus set start ups apart from its corporate counterpart. It’s true…the foosball tables and bring-your-dog-to-work days might help you attract more applicants for your roles. But what’s more important is a uniquely defined culture aligned to the company’s strategy — and flip flops, ping pong, and the notion of having fun on tap all the time is not what keeps employees engaged and ultimately helps you grow.

This guide provides strategies and recommendations for investing in building, re-building, or strengthening your culture. Read on to learn what culture is (and is not), what to address and pay attention to early on in your start-up, how to address culture as you grow, and how technology fits into the equation.

For start ups to F500 and every size in between, you’ll take away best practices for investing time in culture planning, along with critical steps for both laying a strong foundation or course-correcting a stalling or declining culture.

Want more? Check out our webinar, Building Culture Intentionally.

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