Ambit Group Improves Team Effectiveness During M&A Integration

Since 2004, The Ambit Group has provided program management, business operations optimization, auditing, asset & spend management, IT modernization, and communications services to the Federal Government. Efficiency, productivity, and team collaboration are paramount to achieving the goals of The Ambit Group’s federal clients — and to ensure that, company culture change was important.

Spurred by acquisition activity, The Ambit Group expanded its leadership team as part of the acquisition, welcoming Greenzone’s Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Growth Officer, and Senior Vice President of Delivery Operations to the executive team. With the addition of highly visible roles critical for the strategic growth and development of the combined organization, it was imperative that the newly blended team collaborate effectively.

As a result of using company culture change technology, The Ambit Group was able to build high-performing teams coming out of this acquisition.
“In using Humantelligence to better understand how oneself and others work, The Ambit Group and Greenzone teams were able to unite under a common language of how to work more effectively with each other. The leadership team was able to understand how and why certain goals couldn’t be met. Without the common language of Humantelligence among our newly formed teams, it would have been difficult to know which lever to pull to empower team members.” – Ben Madden, Vice President of Human Resources.

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