A Guide for Adapting & Sustaining Better Hiring Processes Post-COVID

Better Hiring Processes 2020 and 2021 were tough on talent acquisition and recruiting staffs. The pandemic and its repercussions devastated some talent acquisition teams, threw new demands on others, and proved to be a historic change agent as virtual recruiting and onboarding a remote workforce became a new norm for many. Talent acquisition professionals who found success are the ones who turned to better hiring processes — leveraging internal talent pools, analytics, and a streamlined virtual approach to recruiting, identified critical gaps and integrated learning strategies into the employee lifecycle, while spending more time on the employee experience. 

More companies will continue to adopt virtual recruiting technologies, shift talent attraction efforts to remote candidates, consider internal talent pools, and focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Those that do will experience stronger current and future bench strength, reduced time-to-hire, and increased employee retention — the costs for which can be especially high during labor shortages. 

This guide is for talent acquisition and recruitment specialists, as well as hiring managers who are responsible for candidate sourcing, selection, hiring, and onboarding. This guide will provide insight into the latest — and what are proving to be long-lasting recruiting trends — as well as strategies for better hiring processes so that you can deliver more value to your organization.

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