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Recruiting Past COVID-19: 7 Steps to re-establish a high performing culture and ramp up hiring

7 Steps to re-establish culture and ramp up hiring post COVID-19

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As the economy opens back up in the aftermath of COVID-19, organizations need to embark on their post pandemic strategies for recruiting in a new world – possibly even remote for some roles. Humantelligence is helping clients to do this, and educating others on how to better understand their current cultures, set target cultures based on objective performance profiles, or for remote worker profiles, and use technology to help attract and identify people who will thrive in their organization – whether needed in the office or screening for strong remote workers.

With that said, in this infographic you will:

  • Learn about what % of the US is going back to work versus staying remote
  • Access key insights on how to efficiently recruit and screen with infinite choices (applicants)
  • Get 4 steps to re-establish your culture and 3 steps to ramp up hiring in the Post COVID-19 environment
  • How to screen for a future strong “remote worker” profile for jobs that will stay remote

Ready to ramp things back up? Download the PDF version of the infographic today!

7 Steps to re-establish a high performing culture and ramp up hiring

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