TalentFit for Recruiting

Ensure hiring for culture fit and long-term success by matching candidates for predictive performance, based on fit with team culture, the hiring manager, and existing high performers.

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Eliminate subjectivity in the hiring process

Hire the right people for the right role, leveraging the most powerful behavioral science that exists

  • Match new or internal candidates
  • Not only for skills (resume, know-how), but also for predictive success based on "fit" with the company's corporate culture, group/team fit, and/or hiring manager fit.
  • Save countless hours in the filtering and interview process
  • Compare candidates against each other or against the hiring manager

Create custom ideal profiles which hiring managers can recruit and benchmark against

For companies that have several high performers in one role, the tool aggregates their behavioral science data and creates an “Ideal Profile” which hiring managers can recruit and benchmark against, saving countless hours in the filtering and interview process.

This allows companies to improve their hiring of "engaged employees" through cultural fit measures which is only happening 6% of the time today, as most just hire for technical skills based on a resume review (62%), or on simply behavioral interviews (32%). Although the latter two are the easiest and quickest factors to measure in the hiring process, they are not an accurate indicator of high performance as much as the former category of employees, or the "want to" (engaged) employees.

Talent Fit Ideal Profile

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