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The Humantelligence® Self-Assessment uses cognitive science to uncover the work motivators, behaviors, ideal work environment, and life priorities of individuals, which leads to better understanding, communicating, and connecting with their organizations.

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Answer with ease in just 12 minutes! No other tool does same in < 2 hours

An unparalleled and proprietary personality scan that uncovers the work motivators, behaviors, ideal work, and life priorities of individuals, which leads to better understanding, communicating, and connecting with their organizations.

  • Not a survey, like other tools, but true cognitive science.
  • Only takes 12 minutes to complete
  • A total of 36 questions, easy to respond
  • Can be taken from mobile phones, tablets, desktops
  • Obtain a detailed report on the results, with actionable next steps

What does it measure?

Unlike a questionnaire that asks for opinions, or tries to measure knowledge or skills, it uncovers the WHY, HOW and WHAT about people when it comes to work.

  • We go beyond measuring just people's behaviors
  • It uncovers the motivators that explain the WHY people do their work
  • It describes HOW people tend to behave in a given situation, and the typical ways that they go about they work
  • It shows WHAT people feel more energyzed and fullfilled to do in their work itself
  • It provides themes that provide a guidepost for making important choices in each individual's career


Get a profile instantly based on your results

Receive clear feedback and valuable insights that can be used to develop and perform at each one's best

  • Increase employee self-awareness
  • Increase team understanding
  • Improved communication among team members
  • Collaboration, engagement and overall performance

Dive deeper with custom reports

The platform provides each user with a detailed 20-page report that explains how they can self-develop and optimize their results in an actionable way.

  • No need to wait or pay for a consultant to interpret the results
  • Actionable next steps for the individual
  • Tips for communication
  • Teaching and learning styles?
  • Tips for motivating and leading the person

Business Personas

Identify your individual’s super-powers.

Ultimately, you have a few core traits and values that make up who you are. We call these your Super-Powers. Based on our 30+ years of scientific research we apply our analytics platform to your personal profile data and we extract the top three super-powers that represent you best. By applying percentages to each you can quickly identify a memorable set that highlight who you are.

EEOC Compliant

We are EEOC compliant

The tool is EEOC compliant, non-discriminatory and as such can be used for current employees and for applicant candidates in the hiring process.

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