Engagement Suite

The five Engagement Solution modules help with the continual engagement and performance management of the entire workforce.

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Action Management System (AMS) & Performance Management

Allows organizations to align and motivate employees around key specific strategic goals, tasks, and actions – by company, by division, by territory, or by function – delivering fast, measurable business results. HT’s AMS solution takes LMS (Learning Management System) to a new level by providing actionable content that allows employees to on-board more effectively and stay current with new processes, learnings and programs, while being measured as they complete it. Many large companies have LMS today, but they are not utilized well because there is no correlation back to employee’s daily jobs, or to key strategic goals or actions of the company. HT’s AMS makes that correlation, ensures it gets done, tracks it, measures the outcome, and provides a way to incentivize each employee individually through gamification. Think of an LMS system that becomes job-related or strategic initiative-related, and not just stagnant learning content. (i.e., it is like taking a library of content and building a role-related curriculum).

Internal Corporate “Social Networking for Productivity” Tool

Allows for “best case” sharing between individuals and groups, by category, product, or topic. This helps create a “social-like” community among employees for better understanding of each other, communicating with each other, and connecting with each other – a la “LinkedIn Groups meets Facebook”, but for “productivity” enablement. This is a tool to share best-case-approaches and other information by common business-related interests, market or product focus, or other related services, where sharing information becomes a competitive advantage for the organization. For instance, a large consumer products company’s brand manager of detergent brand XYZ, can learn a new insight from a market research study that would impact the scent of a detergent, and they could have a social group called “XYZ Brand Managers in Europe”, and share it with all of those individuals quickly, and easily. People across an organization, distributed across large areas or territories, can now connect on common business goals, personal interests, and career development needs. In addition, prior to meetings with new employees/subordinates, or at off-site strategy sessions with unknown colleagues, an employee can get information to help them understand how to motivate, lead, and communicate with that person, in advance of meeting them, so that the meetings are more productive and efficient, with greater connection and understanding.

Business Survey Feedback Tool (Pulse Survey)

Allows large companies with products and services that are consumer focused to get instant, quick, and consistent market feedback and business insights from large populations of employees, by product, by territory, or by function or store. For the first time, retailers, restaurants, hotels, and healthcare companies can reach 80% of their workforce and get instant market research – and aggregate results for key strategic business insights delivered via easy-to-read dashboards, thus providing information to change business decisions and be more profitable or customer-focused. The solution allows companies to do quick survey pulses or research, in a very easy to implement way – at any level and for any sub-set audience of an organization – that lead to insights around two areas – i) organizational behavior (e.g., engagement, satisfaction, and other internal organizational initiatives), and ii) business operational results and tactics (i.e., product launches, customer feedback, or insights). Both will help improve engagement, sales, and productivity, in advance of issues, proactively, and not reactively as its currently the case.

Career & Development Feedback Tools

Knowing that coaching and feedback are key to on-going performance management and engagement, our solution allows individuals to obtain and manage peer, 360 degree, subordinate and manager feedback more frequently and in one place. This puts a key component of employee personal development into their own hands in an easy-to-manage way. Specifically, every employee can manage quick and easy, off-the-shelf questions (20-25) about their performance, career and development improvement from peers, managers, and mentors; keeping it in a central repository so that they can manage, store, and track how they are doing. This makes the annual review process easier, with real-time feedback that is obtained at completion of projects, and not like many today – where people (both employee and feedback provider) are not sure of what the performance and feedback was at the end of the year for a project or interaction that was 2-7 months prior.

Engagement Survey Tools

Allows for easier delivery of engagement surveys across the entire workforce, with the ability to see results to put into action. More real-time & actionable, these pulse surveys, as described in Deloitte-Bersin “Report on Culture & Engagement”, give managers and leaders real-time feedback on employee satisfaction and sentiment in almost every possible area – making engagement a more real-time, and actionable topic among HR and business leaders. As they mention, think about it as the “always on, anonymous suggestion box” for business. This tool allows data to be collected about the work environment, managerial capabilities, and the company’s mission at every level and everywhere, so that it can be acted on and used effectively.

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