SMB* Plans & Pricing

*The following plans are for businesses with up to 300 employees. For larger companies, please call us at 1-800-256-7918

(12 minutes)


per assessment

Volume discounts apply

1 - 49 $20 each  
50 - 99 $17 each (15% off)
100 - 199 $15 each (25% off)
200 - 300 $10 each (50% off)

For whom? Individuals who want a quick and accurate snapshot of their behaviors, motivators, and work styles, and compare to others, including consumers, coaches, friends, and work colleagues. Improves engagement and working relationships.

for Recruiting


per active search / month

Volume discounts apply

1 - 3 $99 each  
4 - 6 $79 each (20% off)
7 - 10 $59 each (40% off)
  • TalentFit for Recruiting
  • Candidate Fit Benchmark
  • Company Branded Talent Portal
  • Up to 20 employee assessments per search to benchmark for Fit & Predictive Performance. Additional employee assessments priced on volume.
  • Unlimited Candidate Assessments
  • Up to 10 Active Searches

For whom? Recruiters or Talent Acquisition Managers who seek to streamline their recruiting process and reduce subjectivity when hiring through assessing candidates for culture fit and predictive success.

Culture & Talent Development


per employee / month

One month free if paid annually

  • Culture Analytics
  • Team Culture Reports
  • Unlimited Team Leaders
  • Company Branded Talent Portal
  • Up to 300 Employees
  • Up to 300 Assessments
  • Set and Monitor Goals
  • Build & Manage Action Plans
  • Unlimited Pulse Surveys
  • Automated Notifications
  • Engagement Dashboard
  • Feedback Auditing
  • Leading & Motivating Tips
  • Compare Team Cultures
  • Comparing Employees

For whom? CHROs, Chief People or Culture Officers, and Talent Management or Talent Development Professionals who want to uncover unique culture insights and through talent analytics and data aggregation, accurately measure culture at the team, group or divisional levels to drive optimal workforce performance.

(> 300 Employees)



Tailored to your organization



For whom? large enterprises looking for a company-wide integrated culture analytics and recruiting solution to hire for culture fit and predictive success. Enterprises will streamline their recruiting process, significantly improve employee engagement, and reduce turnover.

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