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Our Self-Assessment tool measures the individual’s behaviors, motivators and ideal work environment, which uncovers the why, how and what about them when it comes to their work life.
  • Only takes 12 minutes to complete
  • Available on any device (PC, Laptop, tablet, and phone)
  • Gain insights for more effective communication
  • Better understanding of each other/group dynamics
  • Summary report is accessible online or downloadable detailed format

For whom? Individuals who want a quick and accurate snapshot of their behaviors, motivators, and work styles, and compare to others, including consumers, coaches, friends, and work colleagues. Improves engagement and working relationships.


for Recruiting

Fill positions and deliver data-driven recommendations to hiring managers with high quality candidates with strong culture fit, high engagement and ultimately long-term success.
  • Select new hires faster
  • Identify internal mobility opportunities
  • Select candidates for better fit with your company
  • Fill accurately positions that are harder to fill

For whom? Recruiters or Talent Acquisition Managers who seek to streamline their recruiting process and reduce subjectivity when hiring through assessing candidates for culture fit and predictive success.


Culture & Talent Development

Uncover unique culture insights for every employee in your organization. Use talent analytics and data aggregation to accurately measure culture at the team, group or divisional levels to create engagement and drive optimal workforce performance.
  • No need to hire external consultants
  • Gain valuable insights that help every team and the entire organization optimize their performance
  • Improve employee engagement

For whom? CHROs, Chief People or Culture Officers, and Talent Management or Talent Development Professionals who want to uncover unique culture insights and through talent analytics and data aggregation, accurately measure culture at the team, group or divisional levels to drive optimal workforce performance.


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